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NFL Network Game - Gumbel/Collinsworth


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Whoever thought bringing Gumbel in to announce games for NFL Network should be fired.

Bryant has to be the most whining, boring and otherwise lifeless voice in broadcasting. His voice lacks any hint of passion. It lacks even the most nuanced inflections that might indicate human emotion. His voice is, without a doubt, robotic.

What can possible have been the reasons for having him paired with Collinsworth, who knows his stuff and lets his sense of humor bleed through his more serious color calls. You can often hear Collinsworth smiling as he talks, whereas the only thing I can think of when Gumbel speaks is what kind of batteries he runs on...D? maybe those big suare things you put in camping flahslights? Whatever they are, I have to believe the NFL Network gets a deal on them from Rayo-vac.

For this to be the announcing "product" you get on an NFL Network gamecast, I cannot fathom how they think we should pay extra for this. Someone needs to reconsider the on-air tandem for the next go round. Gumbel has to go.

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What bugs me most about him, Gumbel has virtually no understanding of football. I haven't seen an NFL Network broadcast this year, but last year Gumbel was so WRONG on virtually everything, it was unlistenable. I remember he kept saying after a failed 3rd down attempt that the team was 'turning it over on downs', and apparently nobody on the NFL Network team liked Gumbel well enough to correct him and stop him from making an even bigger moron of himself.

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