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Bengalszone Fantasy Nascar League Final Standing


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Congratulations to the 88and38 team! What a solid year you had! I waited until the last race of the season to score the season record of most points scored in a single race with 366 points this week, and stole the 6th position from shake and bake. Where that was the rest of the year I don't know. :rolleyes:

Here's the seasons final standings:

1 88and38 9,802

2 BIll's Killers 9,579

3 X bill's team 9,555

4 24fan@thebeach 9,247

5 Who Dey Racing 9,069

6 Billy's Intimidators 8,974

7 shake and bake 8,961

8 MacD's SpeedDemons 8,769

9 Bengals24 8,704

10 The Honor Roll 8,585

11 deckerz 8,137

12 hops champs 4,223

Thanks for playing everyone, and we will do this again starting next Feburary. Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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Had fun playing as always Billy. Looking forward to next year!

Is it February yet????



Look for me with a new name next year. Seeing that the 88 is long gone from Yates......

You bet. See you there!

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I think my fifth place finish is respectable seeing how this was my first time playing fantasy racing. Its been fun! Thanks, Who Dey Racing.

You had a great rookie year. Maybe next season you can do even better. Hope to see you there! :sure:

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