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NASCAR-Kentucky hearing scheduled


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I truly hope they get a favorable decision here. They have a great facility, and deserve to host Nascar's top series there! Too many tracks have two races that DON'T sell out. To me that qualifies Kentucky for a race right there, because it's a guarenteed full house!

NASCAR-Kentucky hearing scheduled


The day after the 2007 Nextel Cup champion is decided, NASCAR attorneys are scheduled to be in a courthouse trying to convince a judge that Kentucky Speedway's anti-trust lawsuit has no merit.

U.S. District Court Judge William O. Bertelsman has scheduled a 1 p.m. hearing for Nov. 19 in Covington, Ky., to hear a variety of motions in the case, including a motion for summary judgment filed by NASCAR and International Speedway Corp.

That motion, which asks the judge to rule in favor of NASCAR and ISC before the case goes to trial, already has been filed under seal.

Kentucky Speedway claims that NASCAR and ISC illegally conspire to keep non-ISC tracks from getting Nextel Cup races. NASCAR is a privately owned sanctioning body owned by the France family while ISC is a publicly traded track operator whose majority of voting stock is owned by the France family.

ISC and NASCAR deny the claims.

Kentucky Speedway is asking for the France family to sell its interest in either NASCAR or ISC, for ISC to sell eight of its tracks and for NASCAR to create objective factors for the awarding of Cup dates.

The trial is scheduled to begin March 4.

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I wish they would hurry up, my wife and I are ready to go see a race, something thats not a 4 hour drive or more away!

A new member, and Nascar fan too!?! Definitely cool. B) Let me be the first to formally welcome you sir.

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