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DeAngelo Hall got beat up by teammates?


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From PFT:


There are uncorroborated rumors making the rounds that Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall was beat up, presumably by one or more teammates, following a Falcons loss that was fueled in part by Hall's inability to control his emotions.

After being flagged for a total of 37 yards on a second-half drive that the Panthers used to tie the game, Hall got into a sideline confrontation with coach Bobby Petrino.

We don't know for sure whether Hall was indeed roughed up or otherwise accosted by teammates after the game, but it wouldn't surprise us to find out that the rumor is true. Hall is a brash and outspoken member of the organization, and his Virginia Tech ties to Mike Vick probably have prompted some in the locker room to view him differently in the wake of Vick's legal troubles. Today's actions would have potentially been enough to get a frustrated Falcon to convert hostile feelings toward Hall into action.

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It's PFT, the national enquirer of sports coverage

what do you expect?

I used to have little respect for the site, but as I read it more and more, as well as listening to Florio's interviews on 1530 Homer, the site seems to be run by pretty smart guy(s) that really only want to report interesting football related stuff - not start controversy simply for the sake of running up their hits (although I'm sure it plays a role somewhere).

At any rate, it's still a pretty juicy story that may just turn out to be true. It's only a rumor right now, but it's pretty interesting nevertheless.

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