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Nascar driver Denny Hamlin dating Paris Hilton!?!


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Proof that not even the sport of Nascar can escape the Herpes infected grip that is Paris Hilton. Ugh. :yucky:

Paris Hilton? Please, Denny, just...don't


Jaynelle Ramon


Well, she couldn’t get her hooks into Kasey Kahne after meeting him at Les Duex in Los Angeles so is Paris Hilton going after Denny Hamlin now?

The two were friendly at the NASCAR party at The Avalon in Hollywood on Wednesday. Someone should tell NASCAR that having parties with celebrities is not going to fill seats at California Speedway.

Oh wait, I forgot that the track president said so many seats were empty at the last race because everyone was enjoying the shopping and concessions in the midway.

For some reason I think Hamlin would be a lot easier to snag than Kahne. He looks like he has lower standards. It’s no secret that the girl has “the herps” so I just hope he stocks up on Valtrex.

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