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Season Predictions


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I have been away for quite some time (twins) but I wanted to throw in my season predictions.

AFC North:

Cincinnati 12-4: I think they are actually coming into the season pretty strong, no lasting injuries so far in preseason to anyone who will be an impact player (Irons hurts but Watson can carry us through until Perry comes back or the season if he doesn't). I think the Defense will be improved and they were only 4 plays away from 12-4 last season (Bogus Roughing the Passer against TB, Dropped INT and bogus Roughing the Passer against ATL, Missed FG vs. Pitt, Missed x-tra Point vs. DEN.).

Baltimore 11-5: Defense is still strong, I like McGahee in that offense, I think they will have injury problems with the age of Ogden, McNair, Mason, Lewis, et.al. I think they beat up on the rest of division and split with Cincy.

Cleveland 6-10: Like their D, the O is putrid.

Pittsburgh 4-12: New Coach, No Porter lost identity. Questions on the O-Line, questions at QB, questions at LB, made a BIG mistake letting Whisenhunt and Grimm walk. I think not only will the Steelers be bad this year but will be bad for the next several years.

AFC South:

Jacksonville 12-4: Best young team in the AFC, I like Leftwich (I liked him in the draft over Palmer I am very glad Marvin and company makes those calls not I), I love their D (Mathis rocks) and I think their young WRs will come around this year, love Drew though I doubt he can repeat his '06 performance.

Indianapolis 11-5: Lost both starting corners, lost best LBer, lost both starting DTs, lost starting LT, lost key backup in Rhodes and you are telling me they will be as good as last year, I don't buy it I think they are prime for a fall.

Tennessee 7-9: No skill Players around Young and he his showing questionable decision making. Like Bulluck, losing Jones hurts them he was dynamic.

Houston 6-10: Ahman Green is your starting RB, you are considering benching the guy you picked ahead of Reggie Bush? Not convinced the new QB is any better than the old QB!

AFC East:

New England 13-3: Dominent, I think Adalius Thomas is one of the best defenders in the NFL and he fits perfectly in Belicheks scheme, Moss on the other hand I don't get...I think he is playing out the string trying to back his way into a Super Bowl ring. Love Maroney, Brady may be the only QB I would trade Palmer for.

Buffalo 8-8: Like Lynch, spent $ on the O-Line, losing Spikes and Clement hurts but I like Losman long term and they have soem weapons on the outside (Evans is a big time player).

NY Jets 6-10: can only do it for so long with mirrors, I just don't see the talent there, Vilma is good not great nobody else really excites me.

Miami 4-12: No QB, No O-Line, Old Defense Yikes! Blew it with the Ginn pick IMHO

AFC West:

San Diego 14-2: Best team in the NFL with the best player on both sides of the ball and my runaway pick to win the Super Bowl in a blowout over whatever hapless NFC team gets thrown at them. Tomlinson is awesome as is Merriman, Rivers is great the O-Line is great would have loved to see Castillo in a Bengals Uni.

Denver 12-4: Very good team, questions surround Cutler and the running game but they have a fine defense.

Kansas City 4-12: No QB, No WRs, No O-Line, good young defense sounds alot like the Browns. Larry Johnson is not good enough to carry this team when they have far superior teams ahead of them.

Oakland 1-15: Can a team really lose ALL of its games? As good as San Diego is Oakland is that bad.

NFC: Who cares?

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