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First Junior and Jeff


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All these moves in Nascar are making for some really strange team driver combinations. I NEVER thought I'd see Kyle Busch and Tony Stewart having to (next year) attend the same team meetings, much less the too biggest fan camps in Nascar (Earnhardt Jr.'s and Gordons) suddenly having their haulers sit side by side. Strange bedfellows indeed. ^_^

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Tell me the fight wasn't cool between Pablo and Harvick. That's what NASCAR needs is some damn personality.

Well it really wasn't much of a fight, but I did like the fire the little dog (Juan) showed up against a much bigger dog (Harvick)!

An excerpt from from Yahoo:

The race was red-flagged with 15 laps left due to a heated skirmish between defending winner Kevin Harvick and rookie Juan Pablo Montoya.


Harvick was running fifth heading into turn 1 when Montoya rammed his Dodge into the back of Harvick's Chevy, sending both cars into a spin. Jeff Burton's Chevy also was involved in the wreck.

Harvick angrily climbed out of the cockpit of his car and immediately confronted Montoya, who claimed Martin Truex Jr. had bumped him into Harvick's back. The two drivers shoved each other before a group - which included Burton - broke things up.

"I just got run over," Harvick said. "It all goes up in smoke because people get impatient. (Montoya) seems like he runs over someone every week."

"I got out of the car and told Kevin it wasn't my fault," Montoya said. "He comes and starts saying things and I don't appreciate that. I tried to tell him, 'Dude, if it's not my fault, don't push me around like that.'"

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