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Fantasy Football – Here For Good


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Every year I get excited for this season, for many reasons. Fantasy Football Drafts have become a staple in my August routine, but why?

Source: http://www.bengalszone.com/article.php?sid=548

Because you're addicted, that's why!!!

Moving on over to the FF section BTW.

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It is an addiction! I joined my fisrt league 17 years ago and I started my own league 14 years ago. I still love every minute of it!!!

Wow, that's an old timer! This will be my 13th year playing fantasy football. I'm sure you can relate to the time before the internet was available to download stats and make the fantasy conversions. When statistics in the newspaper had to be recorded and converted by hand. We used the USA today as our fantasy manifest and it would take the commissioner all day to convert the stats into FF points. It's been interesting watching this whole thing grow. I decided to post my own cheat sheet on my website this year, if you're interested in some draft prep check it out.

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