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David Pollack radio interview on an Atlanta station


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Click the link . . .


Then scroll down to

UGA Legend David Pollack 7/29/2007

Or here is the direct link (right click and click Save Target as)


Pollack is a God down there in Georgia.

He sure sounds like he wants to play again.

I loved how he likened it to breaking your leg,

and being told that it`s healed, and there isn`t

a greater chance of re-injuring it. Why wouldn`t

you go play again ?

I am a confirmed Pollack Kool-Aid drinker.

I also think he's going to come back, and have a great career.

I don`t see how anyone can`t be rooting for this guy . . .

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He is going to be the player that replaces Justin Smith after this season is over. Justin goes to FA and Pollack comes back as DE.

I have a feeling that Pollack will put on the pads one more time. His personality will not let him walk away without giving it one more shot.


I have more than that feeling. I'm SURE of it! :bengal:

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As a proud Pollack jersey owner I can't wait for him to get back to football in 2008/2009. He has the intangible play making ability and leadership qualities this defense screams for. I got to see him live a few games his last year at UGA and he is one of the most physically dominating players I have seen in person. I totally agree with the poster that looks for Pollack to replace Justin Smith next year. No way we pay him top 5 DE money. Let david come back, get back up to the 270 he played at in college at let him rip from one end with the improving Geathers coming of the others. I personally would like to see us take that money and make a run at the best run clogging DT available in FA next year to put beside Peko. WHO DEY!!!!!!


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