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Curtis Martin, 4th all-time leading rusher retires

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I think Martin never got his due in the spectrum of RBs in the last 15 years. Those numbers make him worthy of a place in the Hall.

But I do wonder why guys seem to wait until right before camp to retire. It seems like it happens every year. It kinda screws the team if they are unaware of it beforehand

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Martin has long been one of NYJ's best weapons. He will be missed, but the team and he already knew that his absence was a good probability due to his injuries as of late.

He has a special place in my heart for helping me to a three-peat of a keeper league back a few years ago. He helped turn 50 dollars into 500 for me three years in a row and made some of my good friends come to hate the fact that a lowly Bengals fan could be so good at fantasy football. I never admitted to them that it was more luck than anyihing else, injuries can ruin the best of fantasy teams.

He was seemingly overlooked by most of the media, the same idiots that drooled over Bettis never seemed to see just how good Martin was. I wish he could have stayed healthy the last couple of season and come closer to Emmit in rushing yards, he was really the only threat to that record since Smith retired.

He is a class act and should be a first vote HOF'er.

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