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Trouble in Indy?

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Reports surfaced over the weekend that Indianapolis Pro Bowl left tackle Tarik Glenn planned to retire.

And he still might. But he hasn't yet.

"No decision," Colts president Bill Polian said today, "is final."

Nor will it be until this week, if even then. Glenn is scheduled to meet this week with Colts president Bill Polian and head coach Tony Dungy. During that meeting, Glenn is expected to inform Indianapolis' leaders about his plans.

But when Glenn previously spoke with the Colts, Polian and Dungy each offered a similar response into any thoughts Glenn had on retirement.

"We didn't try to talk him into playing," Polian said. "We told him, 'Sit down and take all the time you need to think through the issues. Don't worry about your teammates, the Colts. What you need to worry about is A) Do you have passion to play? B) is your family OK with not playing? C) are you OK with not playing? You don't want to say, "I made a mistake." Be sure. If you're sure, be sure that decision is right decision for you and whatever it is we'll respect it.' "

Until Glenn informs Polian and Dungy he has retired, the Colts can harbor hopes that Peyton Manning's blindside protector will return for at least one more season.

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