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Madden 2008 Player Rankings


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Does anyone have the Madden 2008 player rankings for the Bengals.

I saw the list of the 99% players (Peyton Manning, etc.) but sorry to say there were no Cincinnati players on it. There didn't seem any full 2008 list of all player rankings that I could find, even with Google.

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Hers a link to a You Tube video that runs through them quickly (a little blurry):

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This is what i've seen so far:

QB Palmer: 97, Johnson: 73

RB Johnson: 91, Perry: 77

WR Johnson: 96

WR Houshmandzadeh: 91, Perry: 72

TE Kelly: 81

LT Jones: 91

LG Whithworth: 77

C Ghiaciuc: 79, Stepanovich: 74

RG Williams: 82, Andrews: 74

RT Anderson: 96, Kooistra: 71

LE Robinson: 78

RE Smith: 87, Geathers: 82

DT Peko: 78, Thornton: 83, Myers: 74

LOLB Jeanty: 75, Pollack: 71

MLB Brooks: 74, Miller: 71

ROLB Hartwell: 83, Johnson: 80

CB O'Neal: 85

CB Joseph: 82, CB Hall: 80

FS Williams: 84, Kilmer: 73

SS Jackson: 82, White: 68

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Well thats retarded,more so since they Also nerfed pollack which is kinda stupid leave him at his previous year or just not have him in >_<

PS,Kinda retarded they still put Jumpy behind justin rather then Brob.... madden do your homework plz.

Hey Kaz, is the current forum buzz word "retarded?" It seems popular in a myriad of threads.

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