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Freeney Gets Paid

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That is just rediculous. Smith definitely won't be back next year.

Actually, I think it could make it more likely Smith stays, again as the franchise player. Heck, they could even franchise him a third time in 2009, even though the new franchise tag rules in the new CBA say that teams can only franchise a single player 3 times, and the third time the tag amount is the average of the top 5 contracts in the league (in other words all those $100m QBs like Palmer).

So, this year Justin costs $8.6m. Say the DE tag goes up to $10m next year, just for argument's sake. Right now the top 5 QBs make an average of $12m, let's say that number is $15m in 2009.

That would make the total cost for Justin about $30m over 3 years. By contrast, the Colts just handed Freeney $30m to sign, and over the next 3 years they will probably pay $10-20m in salary and other bonuses.

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What exactly is driving up salaries in the NFL? Are we headed toward a baseball-type meltdown? I suppose as long as the salary cap is in place we won`t see the Bengals turn into the Reds but these crazy numbers are starting to worry me.

The numbers are going up because the NFL is making more $$$, thanks largely to big TV deals. More than half of nearly all NFL revenues now have to be given to the players, per the CBA. That's where the salaries come from, so the more the league hauls in, the more they have to get, by contract. Whether things go the way of baseball remains to be seen. That's Mikey's fear, and why he keeps harping on the "small markets need more revenue sharing" theme.

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thanks hoosier. so it is possible that the NFL could disengrate into the small market hell that major league baseball is. i wonder if the owners have concerned collectivism where all profits would be distributed equally. i suppose greed is the main component in keeping the large markets from doing this. it definitely would help the league as a whole.

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