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I finally cracked the 300 point barrier last week at Darlington for the first time all year. Hopefully I can make that a habit again! :cheers: "bill's team" is still killin' everybody though. Damn Oakland Raiders fan! :angry:

1 bill's team 3,209

2 88and38 3,038

3 24fan@thebeach 2,964

4 BIll's Killers 2,899

5 Who Dey Racing 2,844

6 deckerz 2,738

7 Bengals24 2,729

8 Billy's Intimidators 2,713

9 shake and bake 2,690

10 MacD's SpeedDemons 2,682

11 hops champs 2,595

12 The Honor Roll 2,565

13 Bumper Love 2,532

14 WhoDeyForever 2,384

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Billy, is there anything about the allstar weekend that involves fantasy league?

Sorry, but no. The next race that counts in the standings (both fantasy and for real) is the Coca Cola 600 on Sunday, May 27th. The "All Star" race is for purely entertainment purposes only.

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