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Nicholson Sentenced on theft charges

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Enquirer Story

Still not sure how Nicholson fits in here ultimately, but it looks like he's cleared to play barring any NFL action (first offense I'm assuming won't mean NFL suspension).

Looks like Marvin is still hopeful regarding Nicholson, Rucker and Brooks contributing next year.

Need to get something out of those draft picks asap.

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- Cincinnati Bengals linebacker A.J. Nicholson was sentenced to two months in a sheriff's work program and two years' probation after pleading no contest to burglary and grand theft.

Judge Kathleen Dekker sentenced the former Florida State player Monday. He entered the plea last month to charges that he and an accomplice took electronic equipment and other items valued at $1,700 from the apartment of former Seminoles teammate Lorenzo Booker and his two roommates last May.

Charges remain pending against another former Florida State player, Fred Rouse, said Assistant State Attorney Frank Allman. Rouse, a wide receiver, had been kicked off the team four months before the break-in.

Nicholson was one of nine Bengals arrested during a nine-month span.

"We are glad the case has been resolved," Bengals spokesman Jack Brennan said. "The club will monitor A.J.'s progress in fully complying with the court's directives, and we will work with him to ensure he has learned from this experience and respects the opportunity he has to continue his NFL career."

Nicholson, a fifth-round draft pick last year, had a history of off-field problems at Florida State. He was suspended for the 2006 Orange Bowl after violating team policy by taking a woman to the team's Miami hotel. She accused him of sexual assault, but Nicholson was not charged.

Nicholson was charged in the burglary a month after the Bengals drafted him. He hurt his hamstring in September and played in only two games last season.

The Booker break-in was his first felony offense, and Dekker rejected Allman's request for jail time. Booker and other victims also wrote letters to the court on Nicholson's behalf. Dekker agreed that if Ohio has a work program similar to Florida's, he could serve that time there.


Do we have any more charges outstanding? Or does this about wrap everything up?

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The Booker break-in was his first felony offense, and Dekker rejected Allman's request for jail time. Booker and other victims also wrote letters to the court on Nicholson's behalf.

with that being said i don't see what big deal in the matter is...or mybe booker did it because he thought he might end up on the bengals heh

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Another Day, Another Bengal Sentenced

Posted Mar 6th 2007 4:53PM by JD Arney

Filed under: Bengals, AFC North, Cincinnati

A.J. Nicholson, the Bengals 2006 fifth round pick, was sentenced today to 60 days in a sheriff's work program, as well as two years probation.

Nicholson was in trouble for stealing $1,700 worth of electronics from the apartment of a teammate last May. It's tough to understand theft to begin with, but it becomes even harder to understand when the guy doing the stealing was just drafted into the NFL.

A work program is generally an alternative to incarceration, and unless Nicholson gets to talk to school children or something he'll soon be picking up trash on the side of an interstate somewhere in Ohio. I could make a joke here about how he'll still be wearing an orange uniform, but I'll refrain.


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