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Any one listen to the news confrence today?


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I didn't hear the conference (1360 doesn't come in real clear here on the East Coast :) ) but the most recent update on bengals.com let one hopeful tidbit slip, I think:

Houshmandzadeh and another former Oregon State teammate, fellow cornerback Terrell Roberts, have visited him every day and have tried to comfort the family after it arrived from California. Weathersby has had a steady stream of teammates and coaches at his side.

“They want to keep him pretty quiet, so they’ve got him pretty sedated. We get up and out of there quietly” Houshmandzadeh said. “As someone who has known his mom and known his family, this is just sad. It’s really tough. But I’m going to pray. I’m a positive person and I know he’s going to get through this. That’s what I have to believe.”

The bold part answered one question I had, which was, did he ever regain consciousness? No need to sedate a guy to keep him quiet if he never woke up. It isn't much, but at least he seems responsive versus being in a coma, and that has to be a good thing.

Hang in there Dennis. We're all pulling for ya.

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No need to sedate a guy to keep him quiet if he never woke up.

I believe this is to calm the brain itself. That's the troubling spot and requires the brain to calm down to stop what's going on in there to allow the doctors to take tests and examines (i.e CAT scan.) At least that sounds most logical.

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