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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Great start to the NBA season

San Antonio Bengal

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Most of you probably haven't noticed that the NBA season has started. Really, there's no reason to notice unless you're in a basketball city. Beating the Mavs in the first game of the season in Big D no less is reason enough to get excited about the season. It'll be an odd numbered year next spring which means that the Spurs will bring home another championship! '99, '03, '05 and now '07 (don't ask about '01 :P).

Non-educated guesses:

West: Spurs vs Mavs

East: Pistons vs Heat

Finals: Spurs over Pistons

Yes, I'm a homer, but the Spurs have a legit shot, as with most of the last eight years or so.


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I was all over your Spurs last year SanAn, but i like what they did this year. Move Duncan to the 5, and become faster. Suits more of the play in the West anyways. Of course, their big 3 (TD, Manu, Parker) have to stay healthy

I don't agree with your Pistons choice, though. They took a step back this year.

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I think the tiel goes West this year. It's a big three way fight between the Suns, mavs, and Spurs. I'm going with the mavs. As bad as I wanna pick the Suns, I refuse to believe that a team that plays ZERO defense can win it all.

A team I think can come out of the blue and win it all.....The Clippers :blink:

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