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I am driving down to Cincy for the opener and will be staying at the Millenium, How is this hotel? Is it in walking distance from the stadium? This is my first time visiting the city so what should I look out for? My seats are in section 116 row 7, good seats? How much different is it watching the game live?

Thanks for any advice, Bo. WHO DEY!!

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Jackson as in Jackson HS in Massillon?

The Millenium is about a five block walk away from PBS. The Hustler store is about half-way between the two! :sure:

I 've never stayed there but I haven't heard anything bad about it. Just don't stray too far north or west of your hotel.

Your seats are near the side of the endzone on the Bengals sideline. The visitors tunnel will be to your left which is pretty cool to see the opponents coming out. The teams warm up around an our before gametime so that is a good time to see a lot of guys moving around doing drill, etc. Chad proposed to the cheerleader at the Indy game last year right in front of your section.

Click on the link and then click on the section number for a view of your section.


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