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Reaching out to a fellow F2FA site


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Hello Bengals Fans, I am from a Vikings site that is part of the F2FA like your site.

We are garnering support from fellow F2FA sites (like you) to secure the vote for us. At times we were behind but we are now ahead.

I see you guys have a good hold on things in your poll (99%). I voted for you guys also (even though you did not need it).

Anyways, I am asking that your members vote for a fellow F2FA site. Now, there are 2 Purple Prides listed...we are the first one. So please, give us a vote!

Good luck this season!

Vote > http://www.si.com/vikingsvote/

Our site > www.purplepride.org

BTW, I live in Cleveland. I hate it. I am a transplant from Minnesota and I am stuck here. Please beat the snot out of the Browns...please. I cannot stand to hear about how every year they are going to win the Super Bowl. That team is so lame. You guys on the other hand...yikes! Glad to see Palmer has not missed a beat at all!

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