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Gardner vs. Hand


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if the Bengals do trade Dillon and free up a signifcant amount of cap, which DT would you rather them sign, Daryl Gardner or Norman Hand. I'm pretty sure they're both around the same age, early 30s. Hand is more of a run stuffer while Gardner can play DT or DE if need be. Or we could just wait until June 1 cuts and look for a CB.

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The answer to the question is Hand. Hand is the run stuffer we need, that with John Thorntons' quickness, would force pocket pressure up the middle.

* Gardner is overrated. In Miami he played next to ProBowler -Tim Bowens, while Hand earned his trip to Hawaii the same way Ted Washington did.


And you still have to draft this position. Having a young stud DT,means that you can rotate ,which keeps them fresh.Plus, Hand could play the first and second downs, while a rookie like Wilfork or Starks, could spell them as pass rushers.

--Also don't forget. If Smith or Udeze were to fall to # 17 , They would be drafted first, and then a DT like Sapoaga,Lavalais,Washington etc. The bulk and Quickness should make for a very strong line for years to come.

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