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Congratulations !!!


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WOW over 2000 Spainisms.....whoa!! :sure:

I am confident none of us that have been exposed to the majority of those 2,000 Spainisms will ever be the same.

Higher BP, shorter life expectancy, lower IQ (football and otherwise), and an incredible case of the munchies are all symptoms of SOD (Spainism OverDose).

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Spain is arguably the most knowledgable poster on this board. i always look forward to a thread with "The real ?" in the title B)

:lmao::lmao::lmao: OK

I guess sarcasm doesn't come off as well with typing. But ya gotta admit, evertime I see "The real ?" I know it's gonna be an exciting thread

Albeit a short one, after everyone has done their generic Spain bashing and a mod closes it. :rolleyes:

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