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Free Agents Period, Failure or Success?

The Brew Man

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Everyone's like MB is cheap and all.....I mean, we were the team that set the precedent for Sapp's offer.....WE gave him 2 mil more over any other team....Im glad we didnt sign him to a long term contract personally....I think we gave it our best shot, it wasnt good enough in the long run.....I say wait until we sign a few more guys and the draft rolls around, Beckett was scooped off the waiver wire himself....

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At this point, and anything could happen tomorrow or next week, I think we've been even. Not good, nor is it too bad.

I'm still questionable about Nate Webster. Kim Herring is a reasonable upgrade, but not great. I did like getting Graham back as well as Braham and Beckett. Patrick Johnson and Reggie Myles are solid special team players.

My only complaint so far is the Bengals inability to sign players they've targeted. I don't care about big names, just inability to seal the deal. This of course, I blame Mike Brown.

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My FA grades:

Herring C+ (2.5)

Webster B- (2.7)

Graham B (3.0) *

Beckett A (4.0) **

Williams B- (2.7)

Sapp F (0.0)

Vincent F (0.0)

Taylor F (0.0)

AVG: C- (1.9)

* A for resigning, C for bad strategy & having to overpay.

** Not a top flight player (tho there's hope) but a solid contributor who needed to be retained.

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first off you cant write a poll that says failure or success and then have the answers as yes or no. Whats yes, failure or success??????????????????????????

2ndly, instead of my earlier D-, i give it a D+ now for FA.

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