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so now that sapp is going west, do you still want a--hole shipped to oakland or elswhere? think dillon could be salavating like a little puppy dog right now? <_<

Don't see how the Raiders can afford CD now. According to espn.com, they only had $2.2 million of cap space as of March 17. The Sapp deal isn't backloaded; it supposedly pays him some $16 million over the first three years. In today's Enquirer, Curnette reports that the Raiders will take a $5.2 million cap hit this year from the deal. So they have to free up $3 million just to get back under the cap; I expect they'll announce some cuts on Monday. (Wouldn't be suprised is Stubblefield got the axe, and no, I'm not interested.) Trading for Dillion, who's got a $3.3 million hit, seems pretty unlikely.

Like I said elsewhere, I think we'lll be lucky to get a conditional 5th rounder in '05, like the Cards did for Boston, for CD now.

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Yeah, I would definitely have to agree with the point of losing the trade of Dillon to Oakland...

If Bengal Management have any balls at all, they can't let Dillon get the last laugh on them by being released in June , and we get absolutely no compensation for him !

Denver ,Dallas, New England all have leverage on Cincy' which means if he' is traded, ESPN will be filled with ,, Why didn't Cincy' take the # 67th pick when they had the chance.... As a matter of fact, If we had traded him, and taken that pick, We would have gotten Sapp !.

---An experienced GM could have both deals on the table (Dillon to raiders and Sapp coming here ) at the same time, which would have forced Oakland's hand weeks ago!, but who am I kidding, Mikey gets a hard on screwing this franchise forwards and backwards. :angry:

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Chris you are exactly right abt Mikey and Katie. They suck and they may have really screwed us in the worst way. They don't

know how to play poker and big Al does. Marvin can only do so much. If we get screwed with CD, God help us.

They have to learn down there at P. B. Stadium that there is

a big game off the field as well as on the field. Step up you stupid idiots.....

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