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I stumbled across BigBen7.com. Wow...what an insight into this guys psyche! Of course there is plenty of your general football stuff most Steeler fans would be interested in, but there is some kinda funny things there too, as you can see here. It appears ol' Ben is about as deep as your typical backyard kiddie pool! Check out his confusing comments on his pet preferences!


Are all players official websites this corny? :lol:

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isnt a white tiger and Bengal tiger? or is he just fishing hoping that he can get his own act in Vegas?

Maybe Carson can do something similar and put as his dream pets: A Steel Worker, a Member of Corvus Corax, and something that is normaly not a pet but tightly coiled on ones lawn....

Mike Green

Waynesville Ohio

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Maybe Carson can do something similar

I hope not, because a link to that site lead me to another where this classless image was posted:


Now I'm pissed off all over again... :cursing::rant::finger::chair::taz:

I could take the carson tripping at the QB challange that was funny :P,it was also funny about how steeler fans thought they were hardcore for posting it...but that pic is just classless and fudged up

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