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1 point = 192 places in the standings? Damn


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I was looking at the overall scores, and I noticed my teams score of 2481 was one point behind Yahoo's top expert Dan Beaver.


Then I noticed that one point represented 192 places behind him in the standings! :blink: That means the 29 points I trail Pipdaddy Racing/LB51 must represent thousands upon thousands of places overall! :crybaby:

Holy S**t! Does anyone know, or knows how to find out approximately how many people are competeing there at Yahoo, because I'm thinking the number must be HUGE! :o

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Just look up Kentucky's population :lmao:

Wait, that's not right. Kentucky doesn't even have computers.

Sorry, Billy. Just kiddin!

:lol::lol: You dick! :rolleyes:^_^ Well Kentucky will have at least one 'puter in the state once I return there!

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