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Who would you pick?

Who would you pick?  

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  1. 1. If you were Marvin Lewis who would you pick if these players were available?

    • Jimmy Williams
    • Leonard Pope
    • Mario Williams
    • Donte Whitner

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Williams isn`t going to be there. So, of these choices I would grab Whitner. I still think DT is the best place to go but noone seems high on Watson anymore. I guess I have to submit to getting McCargo or Wroten later in the draft. God I hope we don`t take an OL in the first.

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Mario won't be there... and Whitner is by far the most versatile. If he falls to us, I feel like we have to take him. He gives the entire secondary depth because he can play both safety position, and excells in man to man coverage, so he can play CB.

He is the long term solution next to Madieu, since Dexter will soon be too old, and this year will be a huge impact player in nickle and dime packages (we currently lack anyone in the secondary that will worry a WR coming across the middle).

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Well, once again if the question is who do you take "IF" they were available, the obvious answer is Super Mario. Now, if you say which one do you think will be there at #24 for the Bengals to take, then I think the answer should be... Donte Whitner !!! Him and Madieu would be huge for many years to come and give the defensive backfield MAD VERSATILITY !!!


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