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My FINAL 7rd Bengals Mock


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Alright, after some good thought and squandered time here it is:

1.) Donte Whitner S/CB Ohio State: Some people are saying they rate him as high as Huff, but I think that's a little smoke screen. I bet most teams still have Huff, Williams, and Cromartie rated higher perhaps along with Joseph and Hill. Regardless Whitner provides depth at 2 need positions and would be a valuable backup and possible starter at either.

2.) Chris Gocong DE Cal-Poly: I'm prolly gonna get some heat for this but I believe that Marvin and Co. will pull a similar move to what they did with Ratliff and Madieu a few years back and take this guy a little earlier than most would consider appropriate simply so they can snag a guy they like and think can make an impact, even if it is a reach. See Chris Perry as well. Probably wont start but could contribute significantly on passing downs. Darly Tapp is a possibility but I think Gocong is their guy.

3.) Cedric Griffin CB/S Texas: The sexy pick is Daniel Manning from Abeline Christian, but he could go earlier and will need sideline time to contribute. The more likely pick is Demorio Minter from Georgia, but character issues scare some people. I hope Griffin is here b/c he provides versatility, instincts, and experince. He might not have blazing speed but he could be a very solid corner or safety depending on Whitner's placement.

4.) David Thomas TE Texas: Explosive recieving TE in the mold of Dallas Clark. H-back possibilities and questionable blocking put him at the Bengals' fingertips, and his hands are too good to pass up.

5.) Jeff King TE Virginia Tech: More Balanced TE who may turn out to be a better pro than Thomas, but at the very least will be a solid backup. Bengals hopefully find themselves set at TE for a few years.

6.) Montavious Stanley DT Louisville: Very talented but raw player with injury issues gives Marvin more options at DT and at best a future nose tackle if they ever switch to a 3-4. At worst its a gambled 6th rounder at a position we have decent depth at.

7.) Charlton Keith DE/OLB Kansas: Quick but undersized pass rusher (6-4 238-ish) who can help at the edge on passing downs and contribute on special teams. Will be a project but some teams see Jason Taylor type potential and flashes of playmaking ability on the field.

7.) Uhhh....fill it in for yourself i guess. I'd say either a S who specializes in run-stopping or a LB for depth...maybe another DE couldn't hurt. Nick Reid? Mike Kudla? Dwayne Slay?

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Gimme a QB with that final 7th rounder. I think we will need to address the defensive line a bit more. I like the Gocong pick, but I'd like another DT before round 6. I like the two consecutive TEs you picked here. King is a very good sleeper option, and Thomas should at least be better than Schobel.

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I to would rather address the d-line earlier and more often, but that's just me... On the other hand, I would rather use a 2nd or 3rd on only one TE as opposed to a 4th AND a 5th on the same position, ignoring DT until the 6th round.

I appreciate you guys doing these though, as it always gives another perspective and opens your eyes to another direction the team may go in, so thanks !!!


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