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Sapp Visiting KC?


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I checked in with our old pals at Wild Bill's Chiefs; posters on the board there are reporting that the local KC sports media says Sapp is due in KC on Sunday and is scheduled for a physical Monday. That would seem to make a KC deal imminent -- but if so it's being very, very well concealed. And both Dick Vermeil and Carl Peterson seem to have little interest and are claiming poverty under the cap. Most interesting was a comment in a story from the KC papers reposted in one of the threads in which Peterson (I think, but it could have been Dicky V.) says something to the effect that "if Sapp wants to go with the highest bidder we will probably lose out but if he wants to play for a winner than he'll be here."

Anyhow, just fyi...

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I didn't feel like going through the KC Star's free registration BS to read their sports columnist beg Sapp to come play for less money, but that seemed to be the jist of the piece. This is from the no-reg-required news story, which also suggests the Chiefs aren't going to part with big coin for Sapp:

Bartee, not Sapp, tops Chiefs' list

Team's priority is re-signing the nickel back


The Kansas City Star

Go ahead, Chiefs fans, fantasize about Warren Sapp. Dream about a wide receiver to make a dangerous passing game even better.

But do so at your own risk. Free-agency may not be heating up for the Chiefs. It instead could be winding down.

The Chiefs are checking out Sapp, the Tampa Bay defensive tackle, and may have him in for a visit. The same goes for two free-agent wide receivers, Dez White of Chicago and Chris Cole of Denver.

But their priority still appears to be nickel back William Bartee, the last of their still-available unrestricted free agents they wanted to re-sign. If the Chiefs accomplish that, it appears they will deliver on coach Dick Vermeil's promise that they wouldn't be active in free-agency if they re-signed their own.

“We're starting to focus our efforts on the draft,” Vermeil said....

...Whatever the Chiefs do in the remainder of free-agency, it probably won't involve a huge dispensation of cash. This winter, they've dished out considerable deferred bonuses to players signed in previous years, including Priest Holmes, Trent Green and Shawn Barber.

“All I know is what I've been told,” Vermeil said. “I've been told we didn't have enough money to entice Troy Vincent. We don't have the cash. From what I've been told as far as our budget, we're about cashed out.”


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Chiefs nailed down Bartee, so we should know soon whether they're serious about Sapp or not...

Chiefs | Bartee Agrees To Terms - from www.KFFL.com

Fri, 19 Mar 2004 15:51:15 -0800


Kansas City Chiefs have announced the team has agreed in principal to terms of a four-year deal to re-sign free agent CB William Bartee. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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