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Awesome Resource.

I watched videos of Tapp, Hali, Kiwanuka, Lawson, Ngata, Bunkley, Pope, Lewis, Klopenstein, Watson, and Jimmy Williams.

I thought Pope looked pretty good, but not a first rounder IMHO and I still prefer Lewis and Klopfenstein in the second because of Lewis' production and Klops situation as the top threat on offense.

Lawson and Bunkley both looked like they were shot out of a cannon, the player that really impressed me was Darryl Tapp he looked smart, strong, and quick. I thought Hali looked slow but that is just my opinion he certainly had a great year last year. Watson looked ok, Ngata looked great running down RBs at the sideline, awesome.

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After watching those clips to me Wimbley and Lawson = the same player. Quick and athletic as hell. The Kiwi clips sucked, you never saw him on the line and when you did it looked like he had NO jump off the ball. Hali actually looked a lot more explosive than I anticipated, same with Tapp...again those two look like the same guy to me.

The way the draft is shaping up coupled with those clips, to me it looks like if the Bengals come to the 24th pick and Lawson, Wimbley, Davis, Bunkely, Ngata, J. Williams, or Whitner are there they have to pick one of them. Other than that I think trading down would be our best bet considering how much talent there is in the top 3 rounds at the positions the Bengals need.

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