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Kellen Clemons

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Folks are thinking he may creep into r2....that is too high for us to take a QB...maybe r4 but not r2..there is too mch defensive talent and TE's too be had in r1-r3.

I'd rather take McNeal in r4..more talent that can be used once Carson returns...or Barrick Nealy in r5-6.

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Clemens showed he can hit a WR in college that breaks routes and accelerates deep the way Chad does. That timing skill with the arm strength to get it there should be looked at favorably by all the teams looking to draft QBs this year.

But a Day 1 QB pick by the Bengals would be a waste IMO whether it's Clemens, Croyle, Whitehurst or Jacobs. They've got other fish to fry even if Carson can't start right away.

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