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Nick Mangold in the first?

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Jerry Jones was on Lance's show this afternoon. I couldnt believe that he mentioned Nick Mangold as a possible first round pick for the Bengals. Seems like a wasted pick with Guycheck and Wilkerson waiting in the wings for the center spot.

He did mention the DSecondary as the most likely R1 pick. I just cant imagine us possibley using the pick on an OHog.


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I've stated this already, but it keeps rearing it ugly head, NO MANGOLD IN THE FIRST !!! This would be stupid regardless of our need to extend our current o-line. We have players that have been drafted over the last couple years and we will be fine.

Tell me why we should do this instead of drafting to improve our defense ?? If you are in favor of a player that will not make ANY impact this year on offense, then might I recommend you go look at our schedule and realize without Carson, our defense will have to carry us through !!!


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I don't want Nick Mangold as the pick, but it wouldn't surprise me honestly. He is one of the safest picks in the draft (at least it appears that way) and could end up more than a solid starter at center very quickly. Still, I agree with you. We have enough depth at the position to say a first rounder is not necessary.

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