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I missed the first half of the race...what happened


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Eh not much of a fight. Greg's girl walked over and had a little talk with Kurt's girl. Just some yelling back in forth between those 2.

It was really both Greg's and Kurt's fault. Kurt could have backed off but then again Greg didn't have to slid in front of Kurt so soon either.

You know...the typical good girl cat fight. A lot of bitchin' at each other, but nothing close to the satisfaction a good old mud pit and a couple of bikini's would have provided! A total non event.

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Biffle = idiot. Biffle's girl = reasonably attractive idiot.

Update! Now she's Biffle's SANCTIONED and reasonably attractive hot headed idiot girlfriend. What's next? Each drivers mom throwing down and taking swings at each other in the parking lot? :lol:

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