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3-4 in 2007?


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With all the O-line eligible for Free Agnecy after the 2006 season is it possible the Bengal's ofense could be headed to a 3-4? The line would consist of:

LG - Stacey Andrews

C- Ben Wilkerson

RG- Guahcic

Then we would run a 4 back set with:

RB- Rudi Johnson

RB- Chris Perry

FB- Jeremi Johnsson

FB- A Free Agent or Draft Pick

Seems like the logical choice if we continue to spend money on Free Agents this year and not extend any of the O-Linemen.

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Well it was either this idea or switching to a variation of the Buddy Ryan 7-2 defense, where the Bengal's run a 2-7 with 2 rotating D-lineman and 7 LB's. Then we could give all the LB's a running start on every play. Imagine what guys like Odell and Arrington could do with a running start EVERY play??!?! :blink:

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I have another trick play I thought of too...

We put Chad at Center then unbalance the line to the left where everyone on the line of scrimmage is to the left. That then puts Chad on the end of the Line of Scrimmage and makes him an eligible reciever. After he snaps the ball to Carson, Carson rolls to the left behind the rest of the blockers, the FB and RB block down right into the defensive end, and Chad runs a streak route. Since the NT obviously doesn't have the speed to cover Chad, he has to be open! End result an easy TD!!!!


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Another great trick play. I back field. Rudi and Perry are running backs TJ Chad to Left Tab to Right.

Ball is snapped. Perry blocks right from full back spot. Rudi and Palmer looks like going to run the Option to right . Tab Runs left and gets the ball inbetween palmer and rudi. Meanwhile TJ stock blocks his guy and Chad runs a zig in and then Zag out. Tab passes to Rudi who has looped around the big gaping hole. and scores a TD with Chad leading the way.

Or, if we need a 4th down conversion. we line up in goal line formation. Our lineman start talking crap to DTs and DE. and then RBS WRs get in to it, so then you have everyone talking a lot of crap and not paying attension. then rudi walks all the way to right next to palmer and gets the ball handed off on a quick snap. and we get the 1 yd. this will only work once or it could blow up in our faces.

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