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  1. Bengals take Burrow but .........

    It seems a foregone conclusion that the Bengals take Joe Burrow with the #1 pick. He has the awards, he has the stats, he has the history, and he has it all ahead of him ...... but will he continue to develop to NFL standard with the Bengals coaching staff ?? Ryan Finley had a decent rep coming into the draft, but when given his chance of 3 starts looked woefully inadequate for life in the NFL, and that's with having a HC who is "QB friendly" having been a QB himself and a QB coach. Now I know Finley is no Burrow but is there a danger that the Cincy coaches actually ruin Burrow rather than develop to fulfil his great potential - ??????
  2. 2020 Draft

    Presuming Jonah Williams is back fit and healthy we could essentially have 2 x first round picks in 2020 - if the Bengals go O-line with their no 1 selection it'll make a massive difference to addressing the shambles that is currently masquerading as an offencive line
  3. Trade Market for Dalton Heating Up

    Dalton to Miami ??? They have picks to offer and need a QB and I can't see the Bengals trading away the No 1 pick and letting Burrow get away (unless of course they think Tua or Herbert would be a better fit)
  4. I'm back baby !!!

    after being blocked out on Yahoo for the past 2 weeks I'm now back in action. Need to pull finger out and get off the bottom of the League !!!
  5. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    Unless a decent vet takes a season in the wings just waiting for Taylor to crash, burn, get fired and hey presto, your next HC is already on the staff
  6. Give him a 4 year deal lucratively based on appearances, a pay per play basis. Didn't they do something like that with Eifert (although his was a one year "prove it" deal)
  7. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    you've hit the nail on the head
  8. RIP Sam Wyche

    Sad news, RIP Sam
  9. 2020 Draft

    I'm looking at the draft with a slightly different perspective. Coaching. The D has come on leaps and bounds this season under Anaruno - if we take Chase Young, an already stellar DE, imagine what the ceiling would be for Young and the Bengals D. QB - o/line, play calling, inefficient execution - someone said that ZT is the "QB whisperer" but from my view this whole season both Dalton and Finlay have all but disappointed. I can see if Burrow is the No.1 pick then he will not flourish under ZT's tutelage. Could this be a possibly a wasted pick if you can't develop a young QB, or could it possibly be a "reach" for ZT trying to save his job and reputation ?? No 1 overall pick - Chase Young in an inspiring environment or Burrow with a porous O-line and no ability to call his own plays ??? .
  10. Merry Christmas Bengalszone

    Merry Xmas all you 'Zoners, I hope you and yours all have a fantastic day/holiday period
  11. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and you 'Zoners. Enjoy your holiday :)
  12. Ravens Game 2.0 Thread

    No, not at all. ZT has had long enough to prove he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. There was a reason he was a positional coach not a co-ordinator. There was a reason he wasn't permitted to call plays for the Rams. The Bengals are finding that out now. But who else wanted the gig??? No-one. ZT is far too inexperienced in not only running a team but also in negotiating/manipulating the owners to allow a strong Free Agency to bring in decent pieces to fill glaring holes. ZT is mediocre, period, - which is why fans are upset because they DON'T want to accept that mediocrity. The owners on the other seem very prepared to accept it.
  13. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Do ya know, I'm not sure they would draft a QB even if they do go 0-16 There's far too many holes to plug with the 2020 draft alone even if you take QB off of the table. O-line - ok we have Jonah Williams who will be the equivalent of an extra first round pick, but we still need another 2, 3,or 4 decent O-linemen. How many DE's do we need? How many LBs? Another CB, another WR ??? The only way to turn this thing around and start becoming a competitive team next season, assuming we still have the bulk of the current coaching staff in situ, is via an aggressive Free Agency. .....Don't hold your breath. @ Oakland i= one step nearer 0-16
  14. Report: Dalton Benched

    Dalton has had a season full o' turd - bad passes, bad o-line, bad play calling. Time to evaluate Finley to see what ya got - it'll either be a player of substance (compared against the same scenario Dalton has had this season), or your No.1 pick is going QB
  15. London Calling: Bengals “@“ Rams Game Thread

    I live in Scotland and never once did I contemplate this game (nor the Redskins game a couple of years ago). Apart from the cost (a weekend in London = a week in Cincy) I don't want to be surrounded by fans wearing Seahawks, Patriots, Bears. 49ers, Cowboys, Steelers etc jersey at the game. It's a whole circus aimed at eventually getting a team into London to open up advertising revenue on British TV networks. Brits are very territorial - that's why for such a small place England has 92 soccer teams in the League ! Fans like to support their team week in week out but an NFL venture in London will generally be a "once a season event" for fans outside of the capital. Interest/connection to the team will die. It's just the way we Brits are. A "UK/British" gridiron team will run out of steam and a "London centric" team will soon fall flat when outside of London no-one cares about the "London team" and the said Seahawks, Patriots, Bears. 49ers, Cowboys, Steelers can't relate to it. Scottish Claymores. London Monarchs (NFL Europe teams) both died a death. I can't see anything that will make a new "British Bulldogs" (or whatever they call it) team making the transition.
  16. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    Is that the west coast equivalent of a Cleveland steamer ????
  17. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    That's the biggest issue right there. The reason why we haven't gotten over that hump or even got anywhere near the top of the ***damn hump !!!
  18. Time to begin the rebuild

    i was going to put in my 2 cents worth, but i just can;t be bothered. maybe it's the Friday night beers, maybe I just need the count to 9 before I get off the canvas, but thus far i am feeling (i don't really know what I'm feeling tbh)
  19. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    The 3 x strength & conditioning coaches each have 1 years experience - maybe a factor, maybe not as Chip Morton couldn't shake off the injury djinn
  20. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    who can say how this game will go, depends which Bengals team will turn up - the Week 1 Valiants or the Week 2 Vaginas ????
  21. Bengals @ Seahawks Week 1 Game Thread

    I can't see anything other than an ass whooping for the Bengals. Set the tone for the rest of the season
  22. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    Hopefully the NFL get their info from a more independent source than the Bengals front office (via medical staff) I'm still expecting "good to go for week 1" and then be told by week 3 that Green has had his leg removed !!
  23. Offensive Line

    Boling done for good, retires from football. https://www.bengals.com/news/family-no-1-concern-as-boling-retires
  24. Offensive Line

    Typical Bengals luck (curse). Probably pick up a camp cast-off from some team for a 1 year deal. Would they d have the possibility of raiding someone's practice squad ?? I can't ever remember them doing that before
  25. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    I'm not prepared to bet the farm on the "Taylor is God" bandwagon - are they just saying what the coaches want to hear?? Let's see what their stats say at the end of the season. Mixon is already a proven talent but comes with a history, Ross has come with a reputation but delivered zilch thus far in his career .....