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  1. Happy Birthday, Kirkendall!

    Thanks fellas for the good wishes. Being that I'm 32 now, I can't help but think. "s**t, I'm old."
  2. Will the Bengals trade Chad?

    Last weekend, Mort guessed (read, guessed), that Houshmandzadeh will be re-signed and Chad will be let go -- even hinting towards just cutting him. I honestly can't say that I would disagree with this.
  3. Will the Bengals trade Chad?

    The NFLPA is still working towards their GED.
  4. 11-5 can get you fired....but not 4-11-1?

    Generally position coaches aren't axed because of a team's record, unless used as an excuse to save the head coach's face. Furthermore, Miami had the 11th best rushing offense, 11th best yards-per-rush, and the pass protection was 10th best. Football outsiders ranked Miami with the 12th best offense, rushing and passing. Me thinks it's something beyond football. Me thinks this was a philosophical difference.
  5. Offseason Drama Off to an Early Start

    I think keeping Andrews around is okay. However, my opinion is that he needs to be moved inside one spot to RG. They need to draft a LT and C, and have Collins or Whitworth play RT. Bobbie Williams is 32, and is going to be just plain old by 2010. It's just my opinion on the situation, but Andrews is not a high caliber RT, and assuming he rehabs well, he could be a decent RG for the Bengals in 2010 and beyond. I wouldn't have a problem with that. Though I would only argue that Williams is better suited at RG than Andrews. Plus, there's the issue of Williams having one more year left on contract, and Andrews signing, which would mean there's really no place to put him. I 100% agree that we're without RT now, with Andrews or not, that spot should be filled by our first pick (if we go that route). Better yet, move Whit out to RT, and find us some natural guards, along with a center. There's a lot they could do. I just hope none of them includes Eric Ghiaciuc or Levi Jones (I loved Jones, but, with his body breaking down, he's done).
  6. Bengals defense ranked 12th YPG and YPP

    The defense was ranked 22nd overall, eighth against the pass, 31st sacking the quarterback and 27th in scoring defense. I charted these things before every game. If you want, there's more (click here, click here, click here)
  7. Bengals defense ranked 12th YPG and YPP

    I certainly see your point, but those games were fairly early on in the season. I think we may have fared better later on... Of course, you could point to our late season blowouts as a counterpoint, but it's hard to deny that we saw some general progress. At least enough to not completely write the defense off next seasons as we did for this one. Even so, when the Bengals offense goes three-and-out eight times (like they did against the Ravens), I think we can hardly blame the defense totally. In truth, IMHO, what blow outs like that did was just show that our depth is really limited, because the guys that are coming in to give our starters breathers are very limited in terms of talent.
  8. I don't want to be pessimistic!

    I agree that our defense is better, but I think Smith would have made the defense better. Just my unscientific opinion. On the other hand, anyone notice that the defense further improved (not greatly) when we moved Thornton outside during our stretch of playing really bad teams?
  9. The 2008 winning percentage of teams we're playing next year is: .442
  10. Offseason Drama Off to an Early Start

    I know they're different, but after seeing how quickly Palmer recovered, nothing surprises me anymore with the medical advances these days. 100% agree with you Cat on the Bengals offering him a low offer, and letting him go if another deal is out there. Also, something to consider. Stats Inc credited Stacy Andrews for giving up 9.5 sacks this season -- by far the most of any Bengals offensive lineman. On the other hand, the Bengals were in the top ten of yards averaged on the ground when running around Andrews.
  11. TJ Out vs. Chiefs

    I guess I didn't realize that "faith in the organization" was the standard. I was under the impression that TJ was a professional, that he signed the contract and would live up to it whenever physically possible. Do you suppose he had a clause in his contract that required him to play as long as he had faith in the organization, but if he didn't have that faith, he could just sit but still get paid? Somehow I doubt it. Either TJ was really hurt, or he just sent Mike Brown a message; "You can tag me, but remember how my bad back can flare up any time when I'm disgruntled. You can't find it on an xray or an mri, but it's there." T.J. needs to leave that "don't tag me" crap alone; at least shut up about it. Being pouty about a nearly $10 million contract (all of which would be guaranteed) for one year worth of work, while most of the nation is sitting on nails unsure if they'll have jobs by the end of the year, is an awfully shortsighted argument. I understand where he's coming from compared to his mates in the league, but he just needs to shut up about it.
  12. Bengals defense ranked 12th YPG and YPP

    I think what's amazing, in some twisted Bengals fan type of way, is that the passing defense was ranked 15th in the league with the league's second-worst pass rush. That means we're doing a good job covering while opposing quarterbacks can sit in the pocket. If we get that pass rush.... hummm... could this defense next season be in the top five? Top ten?
  13. My Draft Questions to You Guys or Gals

    I'd point out that the listings of "best available" draft picks is meaningless right now, with another game left and all those stupid stat gathering clipboard nerds getting off on a player's attributes before the draft. I say that to reaffirm everyone's hope that the Bengals can pick up one of the higher noted tackles in the first round.
  14. Chad OUT Tonight

    Caldwell is back, and playing. Not sure of his exact health, but he should be returning kicks tonight with Holt.
  15. It's Either Brat or Me?

    I'm sure you fellas have had this argument many times before. I hate to say it, but volcom is right. Let's hypothetically say that Brown steps down. Who replaces him? More family, that exist in the front office right now, trained by him, to run the show. The change required for this team starts at the very top, and does require change all the way down to the head coach (not including the head coach, because I don't think he's given the tools to work with to stay successful every season, save for 2005-aberration seasons). So, yea, nothing will change even IF Brown steps down. We still need that football mind running the show; if the Falcons and Dolphins didn't prove that, then nothing will.