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  1. Aloha! Pro Bowl Game Thread

    I hear next year the pro bowl format is being converted to flag football. Or perhaps even just a massive Madden game tournament.
  2. Greg Cook is Dead

    So long, Cook.
  3. Welcome to Hell, Blaine Gabbert

    Look--it's Shad Khan, the new owner of the Jags!!!
  4. The Emperor isn't wearing any clothes

    Really guys?? Really? This team was deemed the worst in the shortened preseason. As preseason went on, the team was a shambles. So what happened? A rookie OC, rookie QB and rookie WR led this team to a winning record and the playoffs. Everybody knew the team wasn't a threat to advance past the wildcard round. This team is who we thought it was. But having said that, good lord, how can you complain about this season? Are there areas to improve on? Oh yeah...DBs, Oline, running game, receiver corps, no doubt. but before game one on paper, this team sucked. You can't add everything in one preseason. I'm proud of this team and I think it can and will only get better from here.
  5. Holy s**t it's tebow time!!!

    You forgot the part where apparently the opening kickoff hit the CROSS bar of the goal post and landed smack on the 20 yard line.
  6. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    Danny Glover--"I'm gettin' too old for this stuff."
  7. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    Unfreaking believable.
  8. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    At least it's still a two score game. Of course, way this is going, too much time to say never.
  9. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    Defense is getting worn out this half. I put that one squarely on Ced.
  10. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    Good lord. Defense needs a break boys...Ced needs to jack off an elephant.
  11. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    there's the first down we needed. stay calm men
  12. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    Giants TD!!! WHOOO!!!!!
  13. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    I wouldn't say the Cards are back in the game still needing three scores to go ahead...but the offense needs to chew some clock and rest this D.
  14. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    I think you gotta rely on your runners to get those three yards on that third down play. Not one third down conversion this half.
  15. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!