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  1. we have so many guys now to compete and they will pick the best one for the position so we have alot of depth now on our roster in spots so im happy about that very happy. and i like the perry move its good for palmer and im sure hes excited right now to have some one like him to help out perrys got some great hands so now palmer can get rid of it fast when being pressured but im new on here to so im sure my opinion dont count either but im not going to sit here and bash this team that i love for a draft that we didnt even see any guys play yet lets just wait till the season then say whats up but for now ive a got a great positive attitude towards this team and coaches. great job oh and mort said that the ravens had one of the worst drafts.

  2. on espn they asked mel and mort which teams in the afc had the best draft and mel said the bengals and mort said the titans so i guess its not as bad as some people think i think they did great even though people disagree. but hey were fans and there the couches and scouts so they know more then we do about these players so i say we did great and mel kiper jr says we did to and he knows alot more then me. just thought i would let everone know even though i know it wont change peoples mind on the draft but thought i would share what he had to say.

  3. perry has great hands he can come in for screen plays or on 3rd down when teams bring the blitz he can dish it to perry so he can be good at that he wont be our starter but hes someone who will play alot i think. he had the best hands as a running back. but i didnt want a running back but we got him so im happy with what we got and i like the florida cb he seems pretty good we have many picks and i feel we did the right things. and i welcome everyone to the team nice job.

  4. hell yea i love dockett hes really fast and would be good for pass rushing and starks would be good for the run game so either one would be good. i saw somewhere that we could even take that tight end ben troupe from florida but that was only one place. man im stoked about this years draft so many players to choose from even in the third round that dt from hawaii isaac sopoaga might be there hes huge and was the strongest guy in the draft this year they say. i wouldnt mind a defensive end somewhere to but whatever we take will be great i cant wait. great move marvin i love it i liked deltha oneal from the start and think he will be great i like it.

  5. im just wondering what does everyone want at the 17th pick there talking about getting walker from the vikings so i guess he would start and weathersby would be nickel till he gets better i dont know but i was just wondering what everyone wants with the first pick just wondering. and the were talking on bengals.com about the guy from hawaii maybe going 3rd round that guy is huge he might be a great run stopper if hes there. but anyways just wondering ur thoughts on the first pick this year.

  6. yea he would be great here i think but i also like the dt from denver gardner i think he would do well and what about deltha o neal denver wanted to get rid of him i wouldnt mind having him i still think hes a good corner i dont think theres anything wrong with him what do u think

  7. well im disapointed that we didnt get some guys but i dont think its embarrasing i think we did better then other teams did. the season didnt even start so just wait and see what happens and see how the draft is before u go saying things like that. i hate when people do that but its there choice,but just think positive before things even start i think the whole afc north isnt very good again so i guess we will see