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  1. Ok if Willie isnt hurt anymore and can go wouldnt u wanna see Levi in there also. I would like to see Wille, Williams, Ghuictic, Whitworh, and Levi in there i think that would be a pretty domiant O-Line and i would like to see that this week against the Browns just to see how good that would be i dont know, but i think that would be pretty good though.

  2. Well i hope O'neil can go i would like to see all the cornerbacks at full health to what we have with all of them. As for Levi i would like to see him out there to i like Witworth but not sure hes the best tackle why dont they move Whit to guard and put Levi back in there in this game to see how things turn out thats what i would like to see.

  3. The Defense played good, but i still think they might be alittle inconsitant at times. I hope the intesity goes from week to week and they keep playin the way they did that night. I hope they put this win behind them now and are thinkin of the browns and not past the browns. I still think the bengals will win i just hope they keep it going against them.

  4. Im confused i thought Levi was about 100 percent and wanted to play tonight but i just heard that he isnt 100 percent and wont play tonight. They are really going to piss him off i hope he dosnt become a cancer in the locker room. Im not really understanding all of this but hope everything will work itself out.

  5. Well if Brooks is going to be as good as everyone says or as good as he should be then the Hartwell cut will be ok but if he struggles then i will hate the fact that they let him go, i was hoping for the best with him since im not a big fan of the LB corps but i do like Johnson and the pickup of Marshel so i just hope this move dosnt hurt the team.

  6. Did they ever give Hartwell a chance at all i mean he was always out there with the guys they were going to cut i really dont understand that he would have been one guy on the def that would speak up now theres really noone there. I would have liked to have seen him stay to help out but this to me is kind of dissapointing but whatever i guess.

  7. So as much as i hate Chuck and the way he runs his lame non aggresive defense at what point do we blame the players just as much as him. When i look at this defense play i see so many guys playing out of position not in the right gaps, players getting run over (Brooks last night), corners always playing off the wide reciever and when they do challenge the reciever the get beat in the worst way. Now like i said as much as i hate chuck some of it is not his fault and we should blame the players just as much, cause Def. cordinators have not worked here in along time i cant remember when the Def was really that good. Now with that said i would like to see guys like Henderson, Hartwell, Mike Myers, players like this get more playing time with the first group to see what they can do to. So like i said im not a fan of Chucky either, but at some point i dont think the players are playing to there ability either.