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  1. Steelers @ Bengals MNF Game Thread

    Can we be kitties like Michigan and just forfeit?
  2. Pats @ Bengals Game Thread

    I wonder how many times the Bengals have given up the first points in the early game this year?
  3. Week 10- Saints Talk

    If the Browns swept them, would that get Marv fired?
  4. Preseason Game 3 - Bengals vs. Bills

    Any word on Glenn?
  5. Preseason Game 3 - Bengals vs. Bills

    Wearing out the Bills OL. Think they miss GLenn?
  6. Preseason Game 3 - Bengals vs. Bills

    Coryell's offense was always pass first and run enough to keep the defense honest. This might be enough.
  7. Preseason Game 3 - Bengals vs. Bills

    That pass rush should give some O Lines nightmares too. Especially when they only need to bring 4.
  8. Preseason Game 3 - Bengals vs. Bills

    Ross saw nothing but open field in front of him and lost his mind for a second. He catches that, he's still running.
  9. Preseason Game 3 - Bengals vs. Bills

    If this offense is supposed to look a bit like Air Coryell, which is what Lazor wants, I'm intrigued. Green, Ross, Eifert, Mixon and Boyd scattered around the field should give every defense in the league pause.
  10. Lions @ Bengals game thread.

    Hey Glasgow, what did you think of Celtic's winning streak ending? Scottish football being more interesting than this Bengals game.
  11. Bears @ Bengals Game Thread

    Two lame duck coaches, two teams starting tons of JV players. I'm embarassed that I have nothing better to do this afternoon.
  12. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Another running QB kills us. Don't we have enough tape to watch on this type of play?
  13. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Everytime he doesn't spend cap money on say a backup offensive tackle, he shows it.
  14. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Hue challenges about as well as his mentor.
  15. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Completely agreed. This doesn't fool Mike Brown. He just doesn't care because he's content with the current financial status quo. He's basically content to fool enough of the people and bank the profits.