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  1. Revised Prognostications

    OK, so we have an above average defense, average special teams (arguably above average returners), above average WR, slightly above aaverage QB and potentially above average RBs, and a piss poor excuse for an OL. What does that mean for the rest of the schedule. BUF - Win (2-3) - See the CLE tape. PIT - Embarassing loss (2-4) - Dear Lord, please protect Andy (nobody else is) IND Win (3-4) - Luck or no Luck, they are not good at football. JAX Win (4-4) - Also no gouda. TEN - Loss (4-5) another loss to another team with two lines. DEN - Loss (4-6) - Von Miller, moving on. CLE - Win (5-6) - Sympathy for Hue grows. PIT - Loss (5-7) - Ouch. CHI - Win (6-7) - I live in Illinois. The Bears are funny bad. MIN - Win (7-7) Winnable. DET - Loss (7-8) Winnable, but they won't BAL - Loss (7-9) Welcome to NFL mediocrity. If we had a league average OL, we win at least three more games.
  2. Bengals @ Browns

    Now all we need is 8 or 9 more cupcakes on the schedule and we're playoff bound.
  3. Bengals @ Browns

    Can we please find someone who can block? Is there really no one on the roster better than these stiffs? No older guys that have a few snaps left in the tank? Nobody we could trade one of our corners or Jeremy Hill for? Anything? I can't remember a team with a single more glaring flaw. Every other aspect of this team, o/t potentially in game coaching decisions, is at or above replacement for the league. This has to be the worst OL in the league. Can't win that way.
  4. Bengals @ Browns

    A possession passing game (aka West Coast) does the same thing. Unfortunately, both require an OL.
  5. Bengals @ Browns

    Boy these Stains are a hard watch. I almost feel some sympathy for Cleveland fans.
  6. Bengals @ Browns

    Don't kid yourself, we've been trying to run it since Bill Walsh left.
  7. Bengals @ Browns

    The NFL.com website is locked up at the 1:40 mark. It doesn't know how to process a 21 point Bengals lead.
  8. Packers Game.

    SImply not good enough.
  9. Packers Game.

    Anybody planning on covering him?
  10. Packers Game.

    If you know that's your QBs kryptonite and you know he's money otherwise, doesn't common sense suggest you invest in your OL?
  11. Packers Game.

    The easiest way to defense Rodgers is to keep him on the sidelines. Nice long, run heavy, TD drive would be nice. Keep that understaffed Packers D out there in the heat. Win time of possession decisively.
  12. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    In case anyone was wondering, the Bengals are more than $12M nder the cap. Whit's contract would have been a 9M hit this year.
  13. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    You don't trust your RBs and OL enough to get a yard at home in their territory? Marvin has already lost the game in his mind.
  14. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    I have been one of Marvin's biggest supporters, but boy this team's head is just somewhere else right now. Could a new coach get there attention and raise the bars on what is expected?