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  1. Bengals

    Welcome Mike, good to have you onboard :)
  2. NFL Playoffs

    I've just watched the Vikings game......WOW!!!!
  3. NFL Playoffs

    Would make a nice bloody change!!!
  4. NFL Playoffs

    Thank you Jags :) a big cat victory in Pittsburgh
  5. NFL Playoffs

  6. NFL Playoffs

    That helped though!!!
  7. NFL Playoffs

  8. NFL Playoffs

    I still expect the Steelers to win
  9. NFL Playoffs

    Great game to be fair
  10. NFL Playoffs

    Something to look forward to for at least 2 more years
  11. NFL Playoffs

    Great play
  12. NFL Playoffs

    I guess what's worse is we know the bengals would have folded in the 1st quarter......
  13. NFL Playoffs

    I really hate the Steelers.......
  14. NFL Playoffs

    Yeah!!! Go Jags
  15. NFL Playoffs

    Punch it boys!