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  1. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    That'll teach us...... there was no way we were winning that game. The nfl is a joke that is only designed to make sure the "big" teams reach the playoffs every year. Some of the missed calls or fake calls against our guys is beyond laughable now. We are just gonna have to accept our role of lower/mid team who can't play with the big boys
  2. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    I love the nfl.....
  3. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    What a genius defensive play
  4. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Refs doing what they can for the Steelers again....
  5. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Far too much time left, happy to be ahead, but......!!!!
  6. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Time to grow some collective bollocks.....
  7. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Being taught a lesson again :(
  8. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Offence really missing the Tyler twins :(
  9. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    To be fair to them, they seem to hang around more this year, but my god we've got to learn to tackle, it's painful to watch!!!
  10. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Worked like a charm :) :) :)
  11. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Why are we always so shit against them? :(
  12. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Refs did well to get that flag in......ffs
  13. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Lack of tackling could be a huge issue this week
  14. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Woohoo! Nice throw, nice catch 7-0 :)
  15. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    I just don't want to see the Bengals beat themselves in this one. The Steelers are scum but "always" find a way to win, by any means necessary etc. It's that kind of toughness we've been needing to show for a long time. Play like we did in the first half last night and it's gonna be a bloodbath! Got to turn the corner, lose the fear that our players and staff have for them and beat them in our house. No doubt the officials will be looking out for hits on Ben especially so gotta play smart. That said I'd love to see Hubbard drive that bastard a few feet under the turf ;) Enjoy your week guys :)