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  1. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    And with it a new punter, woohoo ;)
  2. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    Struggling to comprehend how they didnt have a spotter on the QB on the last drive. I've never played the game , but I assumed maybe one of the coaches has at least watched some football before?
  3. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    And nobody thought to stay on the QB ffs
  4. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    At least they made it exciting....of sorts!
  5. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    I keep thinking it cant get any worse.......
  6. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    I'd like to think that by going 0-16 we'd get some great picks in the draft but I feel a blocking TE and a kicker we then release coming again.....
  7. Cardinals @ Bengals Game Thread

    Disappointing end to the drive
  8. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    It's a lot easier when we're out of the contest by half time :(
  9. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    So we end the game with an interception not even in the end zone ffs
  10. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    Sadly it didnt last long :(
  11. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    We have a lead!!!!
  12. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    Lovely play, well done Dalton and Mixon
  13. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    Nice drive :)
  14. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    Signs of life......
  15. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    Maybe next year then......