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2006 OT


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Justice in the mix makes an already solid 1st rd tackle crop more interesting.

But even though he's a blindside RT with a left-handed QB, I believe he's still primarily a strongside blocker beside a TE. That don't change the fact that he's still largely on an island against a DE in pass protect, but I got to think that he's still going to project to RT in the NFL.

A dominating RT still can make a 1st rd pick but it'll be interesting where Justice lands. He'll be up against some other quality OTs if he enters early, and I would suspect that the colossal Marcus McNeil will still be more coveted than Justice, likely leaving Justice as the 4th picked tackle at the highest.

Among other things, the USC-Texas Rose Bowl showcases OTs. Texas LT Jon Scott should challenge Justice in the draft order and Texas RT Justin Blalock could climb if he enters early.

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Couple OTs on the list up top are set to go off at 4:30 today on ESPN.

#73 Daryn Colledge for Boise State who will likely wind up facing Top 10 pick Kiwanuka when he's line up on his side. Of all the OTs, Colledge has as good as chance as any to considerably boost his draft stock with an outstanding Bowl Game performance because of who he'll face.

#72 Jeremy Trueblood for Boston College. He'll proly look better against weaker comp than he has this year against better DEs, where he's made it look fairly clear that he'll project to RT and maybe RG. Either way, Trueblood is a giant freak of nature worth watching.

So far this Bowl season, the best looking tackle I've seen is Ryan O'Callaghan of Cal. He puts the huge in huge and has got extremely quick feet with short steps for a gargantuan. He played RT and looks athletic enough to at least do that at the next level. His drive blocking would have to rate up there with Jammal Brown from last year.

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Daryn Colledge is a legit LT. The handful of times that Kiwi lined up against him, Colledge had no problem with him from what I saw except for one nice cut block that Kiwi rolled out of after he went down and got up to chase the QB for a scramble.

Early on, BC switched Kiwi to LDE where he had a lot of success then after awhile Boise tried a couple times to sneak Colledge in at RT to line up against him. Kiwi caught it and shifted to go up against the LT and Boise stopped doing it. BC and Kiwi wanted nothing to do with Colledge. He's pretty much a bad a$$ at LT.

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