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Bengals 2004 draft Selects


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Who we take all depends on the FA we get. This is what I think will happen. 1st sign A.Plummer he seems to fit the price and plays equally well against the run or pass. I believe there will be a CB available in the draft C.Gamble, D.Hall or W.Poole. But if we do take one of them whos going to play CB. Because we'll have 1. T.James & 2. A.Plummer starting to go along with 3. D.Weathersby ( Which I think will produce this year ) A.Hawkins, J.Burris & say C.Gamble (Best one out of the bunch). Based on this idea I don't think we are going to draft a CB. So I am hoping we get T.Harris, K.Udez or V.Wolfolk. I think Wolfolk is our best hope to drop. Not sold on W.Smith (too light). At LB is another question because I think we can get a good MLB in the 2nd D.Thomas or D.Williams. I do like J.Vilma but can we get him in the and is he that much better than the other 2 I just mentioned. ( I don't think he is ) 2nd & DJ.Williams is a natural OLB. I think we need to get a DE or DL in the draft ( hope Wolfolk falls to us or maybe trade 17 pick and Dillon to move up in the draft a few spots ) Maybe we could get a good DE in FA then it would be ok to get a CB in the draft. Let me know what you think. Go BENGALS

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Okay I have found some info on the combine. This is a legit source from espn insider.


Deangelo Hall finished with fastest 40 time of 4.34. Ahmad Carrol finished with a 4.37 time. Dunta Robinson finished with a 4.4 time in the 40. UCLA's Matt Ware was the biggest cb at 6-3 215 pounds.


Bob Sanders: Ran a 4.37 40, but is short somwhere around 5-8.

Sean Jones: ran 4.4 40 with a 40 inch vertical leap,

6-0, 215 pounds.

Tony Bua: 5-11, 208 pounds

Jason Shivers: 6-0 201 pounds, ran in the low 4.5's and also showed smooth hips and good agility in the coverage drills on Tuesday.


Vilma, DJ. Williams, Dansby, and Boulware all were there but did not participate.

Demorrio Williams lack of size remains a concern, but ran a 4.5 40, which was the fastest time among Lb's.

Courtney Watson ILB, ND ran a 4.53 40. His speed suggest that he has the ability to play from sideline to sideline and shows versatility to play inside as well as outside.

Teddy Lehman ran a 4.57 40

Marquis Cooper ran 4.62 40


Wilfork, Tommie Harris, Starks, Tim Anderson of OSU, Lavalais, and Rodney Leisle did not work out at combine.

Terry Tank Johnson ( 6-2 1/2, 304, 4.73 40

Most impressive overall performance.

Igor Olshansky ran 5.0 40 and did 41 reps on bench press, and beefed up to 315 pounds on his 6-5 frame.

Isaac Sopoaga from Hawaii benched 42 times

Darnell Dockett: ran a 5.0 40 and showed up 6-3, 297 pounds.

They had limited info on many of the top players because many are waiting until their pro days.


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Dunta Robinson's official 40 time was 4.34 as well. Coaches took a gasp when they saw how defined he was and because of his strong 40 time all but assured his first round status.

Teddy Lehman,Holloweel (nebraska) both ran 4.53's.

DeAngelo Hall's speed , was as expected and his verticle leap was 39 inches.

Scouts were a bit dissapointed in Sean Jones s Georgia, workout because he showed great straight line speed, but ran one of the slower shuttle runs.Scouts took that to mean that his hips are too stiff,and he doesn't have a lot of lower body strength.

Junior Savii... dt... penn st.. also had a good workout , running the best shuttle drill of all the d-lineman.

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