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Article on ESPN.com about DB's in the Draft


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There are other options .....Gamble has size and speed.. Hall is listed at 5-11 probably closer to 5-10 but can cling to any wr. Robinson has speed, Carroll has speed,and Brooks all have the speed and vertical to contest with most wideouts..

another guy to look out for is Joey Thomas .6-1 and can fly.Matt Ware from ucla has played corner before and he's 6-3.Most likely he'll be moved to free safety though.

Last word out of Indianapolis is that several teams see Derrick Strait as a possible strong safety . Some teams think he would fare better there playing wr's in the slot than on the edge.

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Hmmmm.....this sounds like a hint on Frazier's behalf......or maybe not.... ;)

But there is also a possibility, as Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier noted, that any team choosing Gamble is going to basically have to start from near-scratch in developing him.

"You might just have to break him down, all the way down to the basement, and start to rebuild him as a pure corner," Frazier said. "There's no doubt he is a talented prospect. Inside that body, yeah, I think there's a cornerback. But the bottom line is that he hasn't had very much exposure to the position."

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