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2004 draft & free agent predictions


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I think we'll end up with DJ.Williams in the1st & then it'll be best available player. also we'll sign C.Bailey A.Plummer or A.Winfield as FA. There are 4 players I want in the draft K.Udez, V.Wolfolk, DJ.Williamsor C.Gamble. But to me it does not make sense to get a corner in the draft if we get one via FA.

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We need to dump Hawkins and Burris, so I think picking up a corner via FA and draft should be a high consideration.

I agree about Burris. I hate to see it cause I like him a lot, but I think its to the point where its in his own best interest not to play any longer.

For some reason, Lewis likes Hawkins. Maybe he practices better than he plays or something, but I think he'll stick.

The more I think of it, I'm turning into a Winfield advocate. McCallister and Bailey are not realisitic options. They will either be tagged and re signed by their teams or they will be out of our price range, but either of those means they won't end up in stripes.

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