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Anyone hear Cunningham?


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Well I'm not sure how many are living in Cincy right now, but for those of you who don't know, Bill Cunningham is the local talk show -- mostly politics -- but for all of his opinions and his just right views, he's highly respected in the community. He had Pete Rose on the show, in studio and Pete seemed like he truly spoke from the heart, he spoke honestly to his home, to his fans, to his biggest supporters. It was the admission interview that he had and if he would have done that in the beginning, I would probably be in support of Rose going in -- with the rest of the nation to follow.

He didn't cry or anything like that. But he just spoke, nothing in return, nothing to gain, he just spoke from his heart.

I don't hate Rose, I was definately emotional (not in crying dudes) in my replies and thoughts. While I still stand behind most of it, I've chilled out since his interview IN Cincy. I respect Rose as a player of a sport that exemplified how a commoner can make it big, plays with his heart while his abilities weren't that of a super star.

I haven't changed my tune, I've calmed down a little and now feel more enlightened. I think Jon's here. Kitna? Is that you?

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