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Is this guy serious???


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I've been reading some of the different topics on the forum, and have noticed this DONTPUSHME guy who apparently loves Corey Dillon and thinks Rudi's a bum. Well I have a few things to say about that...

I hate Corey Dillon just about as much as I can possibly hate someone in the NFL. He was supposedly the "stud" for the Bengals during the down years. The fact is this: The Bengals made him who he is. He would have never gotten to start if it hadn't been for Ki-Jana's multiple injuries which gave him an opportunity. Everyone acts like he was the only good player on those Bengal teams. Well I would have expected him to be a leader on the team, and the fact that they underachieved and sucked (I love the Bengals, but I can finally admit this now that they did in the Shula/Coslet/LeBeau era) can be placed on his shoulders. He was about as effective helping his team win as my other "favorite" Carl Pickens. He's got an attitude and thinks his s*** doesn't stink. I remember a game that he was supposedly playing hurt, and he proceeded to run out of bounds and picked up a phone on the sideline like he was talking to someone. He's not that fast, gets tripped every time by db's, and pulls himself out of games on a consistent basis. In my opinion, he is the 2nd best running back in New England. Watching last years games, I was much more impressed with Kevin Faulk (at least he has a motor that's always running).

On the other hand you have Rudi Johnson. Like Dillon, Rudi got an opportunity when Dillon was busy being a jacka$$. He runs hard, hits hard, and does everything possible to gain an extra couple yards. He goes about his business quietly, breaks Dillon's single season yardage record, and is popular on the team. The only remotely negative situation regarding him was that he wanted a long term deal to STAY HERE (as opposed to Dillon saying he would rather flip burgers) Oh yeah, and Rudi made the Pro Bowl squad because of his performance behind a line consisting of pretty much everyone being injured.

DONTPUSHME you can keep liking Dillon if you'd like. I say that he is a punk. I'd say that Rudi Johnson is one of the best five running backs in the league. I'd say considering the whole package, I would not want any other running back on the Bengals (That goes for all of you people who think that Perry should start over Rudi also). Rudi takes the punishment to the tackler while Dillon either trips or ducks when he sees defenders coming his way.

DONTPUSHME if you really like Dillon that much you are an idiot. I'll take Rudi any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Rudi Johnson FOREVER, Corey Dillon NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER...

P.S. I can't believe I just typed out this much, but it's amazing what you can do when you get pissed off.

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