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Stephen A. Smith


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Why the heck is ESPN giving this idiot his own show? He is the most annoying sports analyst on TV (yes, I believe he beats out Jim Rome). I don't know anyone that likes the guy. I might be able to watch him every once in while if he would stop screaming everytime he answers a question. He's one of those guys that thinks the louder he yells, the more he'll sound like he's right. That was a great move by ESPN, firing David Aldridge so they could have this guy as their NBA analyst.

Thats just my .02

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Speaking of Jim Rome, has anyone heard the comedian Frank Caliendo? I just saw him on TV yesterday (he's at the Funny Bone in Columbus this weekend) and he does the best Jim Rome impression that I've ever heard (actually, probably the only one). He also does a great John Madden, Geroge Bush, and Robin Williams. Here's a site with a few clips from when he was on a radio station doing his impressions. They are hilarious.(especially the one with John Madden, George Bush, Jim Rome, Jeff Goldblum, Robin Williams, and Al Pacino all together.)

Check them out... they arent very big so they don't take a long time to download.

Frank Caliendo Audio Clips

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