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Larkin to come out of retirement for Nats?


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Washington Nationals: With Cristian Guzman struggling mightily at the plate, Nationals general manager Jim Bowden has placed a call to the retired Barry Larkin to help fill the void.

Larkin, a Nationals special assistant and 12-time All-Star, had been asked to assist Guzman at the plate twice this season, but it was no help.

"I wouldn't keep calling if I didn't think there was a chance [to lure Larkin out of retirement]," Bowden told the Washington Times. "Would I like to see him put [a uniform] on and help us out the last two or three months? Yeah."

Guzman and hobbled third baseman Vinny Castilla were dropped from the starting lineup Tuesday night as manager Frank Robinson tried to spark his struggling team.

Robinson made the changes a day after what he called his team's worst game of the season, a 5-4 loss to the Colorado Rockies, owners of the NL's poorest record. It was Washington's ninth defeat in 12 games.

On Tuesday, only two position players were in spots in the batting order they already had occupied this season.

"It's not a threat. It's just unacceptable. We can't continue to play like that. If we do, we'll put somebody else out there," Robinson said. "Let's stop that right now. Let's not make that the norm."

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Always knew Bowden was a bonehead. Just hope Larkin isn't. Does anyone miss Larkin? I don't, not with Lopez batting over .300 and 15 HRs.

Problem is the meathead that replaced Bowden ain't no better.

Bowden and O'Brien definitely have different philosophies..."quick fix" vs. farm system....

I think O'Brien's philosophy will bear fruit....Our farm system is already stronger....especially with the Randa trade

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