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My Lakers got Kwame Brown


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questionable trade but he does have a huge upside. look what phil did for kobe...can he do it for kwame? i think he can.

and thank god they got rid of atkins!!!!

oh the trade was Washington got Caron Butler and either Chucky Atkins or Deven George...and they say they prolly will choose atkins...while the Lakers get Kwame Brown.

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LA must have owed Washington a favor...I just don't see much upside in Brown. But PJ might put the ole zen on him, who knows.


AMC trivia, I got my PhD at University of South Florida, the alma mater of?????

Chucky Atkins...

And now you know the rest of the story........


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haters in the house :)

heh its not that bad of a trade guys...look what the lakers gave up...2 players that arent really that great.

oh and ur funny LA...we WILL make the playoffs. Do you really think the lakers trading is over with? we dont have a PG now...do you think we wont trade for one?

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