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Some interesting notes


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Check out some of these notes in a Winston-Salem NASCAR piece.

- NASCAR banning testing at Kentucky?

- Indy may not run the USGP again.

- Robbie Gordon doing the Indy 500? (I didn't think with the Indy 500 time change that'd be possible.

- Indy Champ, Dan Weldon to NASCAR?

- NASCAR going to change Spring rule? Related to tire issue?

- NASCAR may shorten the spoiler even more?

- Atlanta's fall race may move to Las Vegas from the tornado.

Good stuff.


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Yeah, Atlanta Motor Speedway was torn up pretty good. They claim to have it ready, but...40 million in damage?

One point on Jeff Gordon. He's used to running faster than everybody else. Now that he's not he doesn't know how to get out of anybody's way on the racetrack. He talks like everybody should give him room and let "his car come around". Well Tony Stewart and Mike Bliss ain't gonna wait no matter who it is. Gordon needs to wise up and realize he doesn't get special treatment on the racetrack. If you are slower, get out of the way!

They mention Dan Wheldon. How many success stories are there going from open-wheel to NASCAR? Tony Stewart and??? Even A.J Foyt struggled years ago. And we know Robby Gordon doesn't qualify! Any more successful open-wheelers come to mind in NASCAR?

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They mention Dan Wheldon. How many success stories are there going from open-wheel to NASCAR? Tony Stewart and???

Well, I think we're in the middle of a migration (maybe a mainstream trend) with young open-wheel guys in the sport now. Leffler, Newman, Mears and Kahne all have a background in open-wheel.

I think the migration is too young before determining if there's a translation of success going from open-wheel to stock -- at least in the modern era.

However, if you're looking for another driver like Stewart, you won't find one. I think he's one of a kind and could win a championship in any series he goes into... MHO, he's the best "driver" in American motorsports and in the future, be one of those legendary names people go through when talking about idols.

I hate Robby Gordon.

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