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Georgetown between practices?

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Help -- please.

I'm going with my son and grandson to see one of the two-practice days. There's a big wait between the practices.

My question -- what is there to do around Georgetown between practices?

In the old days, I used to take my son to Wilmington and between practices we would go to the nearby park -- have a picnic, play some tennis, maybe throw the frezzbie, once we went to a movie.

My son wants to do the same kind of thing with his son -- but we don't know whats available around Georgetown. [We did kick a soccer ball around on one of the areas on the Georgetown campus -- but what else is around there.]


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Another possibility is take a tour of the Toyota Plant. Pretty neat if it is your first time, and would take up some time.


it is free admission.

Thanks -- that would be interesting to me.

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